What is Silent Bacon?

Silent Bacon is a new website devoted to figuring out exactly what Silent Bacon is. A friend of mine came up with the term and I quickly found that the domain was available. I snatched it up and decided that we owed the public to at least have something for you to look at (It was previously linked to my wife and I's personal website).

When trying to come up with a mental image of Silent Bacon, I could only think of either a fresh piece of bacon in the butcher's display or a piece of bacon just finished with the sizzle of the frying pan, waiting to be crunched during consumption.

What is Silent Bacon to you? As we go on this adventure together and develop a definition/explanation/observation of what this all means we hope you will chime in with a comment/question/thought/answer on Silent Bacon

W.H.O. Has No Respect

There is no doubt that our bacon filled friends were not getting a good wrap from the current worldwide panic over what was once known as the "Swine Flu." I am wondering if the World Health Organization felt it might be offensive to our curly tailed friends to have their own flu, seeing how the american culture tends to be insanely over sensitive to our four legged friends (Although avian flu seemed to stick).

On the other hand it might have been a quick move by the bacon industry to make sure people still feel comfortable with a diet full of flavor and deliciousness.

The H1N1 virus seems to be causing some problems, whether or not it was necessary for the administration to devote billions to it I am not sure but hopefully it will go away soon and we can get back to eating bacon on vacations to Cabo San Lucas...