Delicious Dinner Tonight

The other day I stopped by the local Haggen's meat department for some dinner. We were having sausages but I was enticed by the Gorgonzola Angus Beef Patties they had. I picked one up along with the sausages and a pound of their pepper bacon. I had some pepper bacon left over and decided it was time to create a burger.

I started cooking the bacon up in the frying pan and dropped in the patty. Almost every burger I see on Drive-ins, Diners and Dives is cooked on a flat grill so I decided to bypass the BBQ tonight. I toasted up some sourdough bread spread on a little mayo and I was set.

The burger/gorgonzola was delicious, the frying pan put a nice crust on it (the bacon grease probably helped too!) The bacon was delicious and the toasted sourdough made it a completely perfect burger. I can't really think of how to improve this one...maybe more bacon...

Twitter is a Wonderful Thing

Someone tweeted a link to a pretty amazing website the other day, no not which is pretty glorious, but a little website called Basically it is a website with cross section scans of some pretty glorious sandwiches. I will be honest, I would love to dig into pretty much all of them, minus the tomatoes. A good portion of them include bacon of all types.

If your sandwich creativity is lacking I would suggest you head over for some masterpieces!

Jews for Bacon

Saw a link for this site the other day, It is good to see that some Jews out there are finally entering the 1st century...what will be up next? Jews for Jesus? Oh wait...


Bacon Topped Maple Bar

On the way home from a miserable trip to the Oregon Coast, where I found cold weather and miserable surf, I had a pleasant surprise. Usually on a trip like this it would be a speedy trip home but since my wife and buddy's girlfriend were along we decided to make a stop. For some reason they wanted some warm liquids after shivering for hours on the beach.

We stopped at Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters in Cannon Beach. I opted to stay in the car with my can of Diet Coke while the three went in. My wife came back with a pleasant surprise. A delicious maple bar with two meaty strips of bacon on top. Now I had heard of such a thing from the famous Voodoo Doughnut's in Portland but had not had a chance to partake due to my lack of trips into the big city since moving to suburbia.

I do have to say it was quite delicious. The bacon gives not only the obvious boost in flavor but adds some great texture as well. Hopefully sarcastically, my wife chimed in as I was enjoying it that it should be pretty easy to make. I think so since I do know several sources for maple bars and am able to cook a mean strip of bacon.

Bakon Vodka

Yes you read that correctly. Apparently the new hot vodka on the town is Bacon flavored Vodka coming out of the cellar. There seems to be a lot of bacon flavored products coming out these days and why stop short of Vodka. Flavored Vodkas are also every where so I guess it was only a matter of time. According to :

"Bakon Vodka is a superior quality potato vodka with a savory bacon flavor. It’s clean, crisp, and delicious. This is the only vodka you’ll ever want to use to make a Bloody Mary, and it's a complementary element of both sweet and savory drinks."

I don't know about you but I can't wait to find a bottle for those special occasions that call for something out of the ordinary. You know like breakfast...


J & D's Bacon Salt Shipment

So just a quick post to let you know I got a mother load shipment in from the J&D Bacon Salt people. Amazon had a sweet deal on their products and if I bought enough I qualified for free super saver shipping.

I got 3 jars of Baconnaise, 3 original cans of bacon salt and the 4 pack of the different varieties of bacon salt. I haven't gotten to dig in much yet, I planned on having some with a store bought sandwich but realized it already had bacon on it...

More reports to follow!

Bacon Quesadillas

So I finally got around to trying one of my bacon ideas tonight for dinner. I picked up some deli bacon at Winco knowing that I needed to cook something with it. Tonight the stars were aligned and it was time to work up some bacon quesadillas. It is not the first time I have tried them, but the first time with fresh cooked bacon.

I cooked up the bacon in the frying pan and then cut it up roughly. I dumped a bit of the grease and then made up the quesadillas. I used two small taco size tortillas because that is what I had and then put on the bacon and some pre grated "mexican" cheese. Now comes my quesadilla secret, I put some cheese in the pan just before slapping it in. I am a lover of the fried cheese and it adds a nice crunchiness. Get one side cooked well and then lift it up throw down some more cheese and flip. Then as you can see I add a little salsa and sour cream to the plate. I also used the pizza cutter to make it into a nice finger meal.

The bacon is a nice touch. The flavor, crunchiness and cooking grease really add to a classic quesadilla. This is the first and probably easiest of my bacon ideas floating around in my head. I love bacon and will make sure and let you know how they go.

note: Sorry about the crappy pics, the iPhone failed me. Also don't know why the layout is so funky but live with it.


What is Silent Bacon?

Silent Bacon is a new website devoted to figuring out exactly what Silent Bacon is. A friend of mine came up with the term and I quickly found that the domain was available. I snatched it up and decided that we owed the public to at least have something for you to look at (It was previously linked to my wife and I's personal website).

When trying to come up with a mental image of Silent Bacon, I could only think of either a fresh piece of bacon in the butcher's display or a piece of bacon just finished with the sizzle of the frying pan, waiting to be crunched during consumption.

What is Silent Bacon to you? As we go on this adventure together and develop a definition/explanation/observation of what this all means we hope you will chime in with a comment/question/thought/answer on Silent Bacon

W.H.O. Has No Respect

There is no doubt that our bacon filled friends were not getting a good wrap from the current worldwide panic over what was once known as the "Swine Flu." I am wondering if the World Health Organization felt it might be offensive to our curly tailed friends to have their own flu, seeing how the american culture tends to be insanely over sensitive to our four legged friends (Although avian flu seemed to stick).

On the other hand it might have been a quick move by the bacon industry to make sure people still feel comfortable with a diet full of flavor and deliciousness.

The H1N1 virus seems to be causing some problems, whether or not it was necessary for the administration to devote billions to it I am not sure but hopefully it will go away soon and we can get back to eating bacon on vacations to Cabo San Lucas...