Delicious Dinner Tonight

The other day I stopped by the local Haggen's meat department for some dinner. We were having sausages but I was enticed by the Gorgonzola Angus Beef Patties they had. I picked one up along with the sausages and a pound of their pepper bacon. I had some pepper bacon left over and decided it was time to create a burger.

I started cooking the bacon up in the frying pan and dropped in the patty. Almost every burger I see on Drive-ins, Diners and Dives is cooked on a flat grill so I decided to bypass the BBQ tonight. I toasted up some sourdough bread spread on a little mayo and I was set.

The burger/gorgonzola was delicious, the frying pan put a nice crust on it (the bacon grease probably helped too!) The bacon was delicious and the toasted sourdough made it a completely perfect burger. I can't really think of how to improve this one...maybe more bacon...

Twitter is a Wonderful Thing

Someone tweeted a link to a pretty amazing website the other day, no not which is pretty glorious, but a little website called Basically it is a website with cross section scans of some pretty glorious sandwiches. I will be honest, I would love to dig into pretty much all of them, minus the tomatoes. A good portion of them include bacon of all types.

If your sandwich creativity is lacking I would suggest you head over for some masterpieces!

Jews for Bacon

Saw a link for this site the other day, It is good to see that some Jews out there are finally entering the 1st century...what will be up next? Jews for Jesus? Oh wait...